Eliminator Race ’22

SATURDAY, MAY 21st – 16:00h

A circular trail in the Old Colony mine area on the motocross track, with the finish line at the Expo zone. The route length is 665 meters with finish time of about 3 minutes.

Minimum of 12 competitors is required in order to hold this race. If 12 women apply, a separate competition will be organized for them. Otherwise, the woman who gets the farthest in the group stage will be declared the best.

Individual qualifying rounds are held at the start for all applicants. Maximum of 32 competitors can qualify to the group stage.

Group stage consists of 8 groups with 4 competitors in each, ranked based on their qualifying times so that the two fastest qualifiers cannot meet until the finals. The two fastest competitors from each group qualify for the next round, all the way to the finals. Competitors who lose their semifinals race in the mini-finals, and the two fastest competitors from each of the semifinals race in the grand finals.

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Length Incline Min Max