Enter your starting number and downloadphotos from Tour de Fruška event.

Have your photos instantly posted to your Facebook account! It’s easy, all you have to do is:

1. Enter your bib number

2. Select continue and choose how you’d like to share your photos (Public, Friends, Only Me). If you select Only Me, you can delete any photos you don’t want to share, then click on the album in Facebook and “Change to Shared Album”

By entering your race number in the area above you can opt-in to have your race photos instantly shared to your Facebook page.

After the event your photos will be branded and posted directly to your Facebook profile and will instantly be shared with all your Facebook friends. Additional photos may post to your album throughout the week as they are manually tagged. You can remove any photos you don’t want to keep.

Don’t have Facebook?

You can sign up just to get your photos and then delete your account.
Or get a close friend or family to sign up to Pic2Go for you. Register your participant number with their account details.

Worried about privacy? When you login with Facebook for the Pic2Go app, click the drop down on the privacy details of the photo album and click the ‘only me’ option. Then you are the only ones who can see these photos and you can choose if you want to share them.