SATURDAY, MAY 21st at 12h

Our children sit on their first bicycles as early as age two. Training wheels are there to prevent them from falling and from being intimidated by riding a bicycle. A big step in mastering balance on two wheels is the pusher bike ride. Gas Gas RACE will be organized for the youngest on the pusher bikes, on a track specially prepared for them. Needless to say, the race is free, and every participant can expect a gift.

11:45 arrive at the location, apply for the race
12:00 pusher bike race for ages 2 to 4
12:15 pusher bike race for ages 5 to 6

Rules for participation:
Provide child’s name and surname on the application at the dedicated booth before the race, and take the starting position number. Helmet is required, and it is preferred to bring your own pusher bike (although there will be enough pusher bikes for those who don’t have their own). And yes, a smile is also mandatory.


SATURDAY, MAY 21st at 12h.

Riding a bicycle is an activity that every child likes. Gas Gas TRAINING GROUND will enable children of junior elementary school ages to perfect their bike riding technique on a training ground with appropriate obstacles, and with the help of experienced trainers and teachers. Besides riding safely, they will also be introduced to traffic rules, and this will give them confidence to take on any terrain on their favorite two-wheelers. Every participant will get a gift.

12:00 arrive at the location and test the training ground
12:30 measuring time for completing the training ground

Rules for participation:
Participants ride their pusher bikes, and it is required that they wear a helmet. They ride in a set direction and listen to instructions from the staff and the trainers. After they complete all the obstacles, they will get the option to have their time measured while they finish the entire training ground. The fastest boy and girl will get a gift.