Clean mountain air, infinite hiking trails, great spa & wellness hotels, and thermal water pools are just some of the benefits the spa has to offer.

Where is it located?

Snuggled in the centre of seemingly flat Syrmia and embraced by proud Fruška Gora, Vrdnik spa is located at an ideal elevation of 240 meters. It is a true pearl of Fruška Gora, with a position which allows it to have exceptional climate conditions. In spring, it is the first to turn white from orchards in blossom, and in winter, the first to be covered with snow. Vrdnik gets more sun than other places in Serbia and it is protected from strong winds by the mountain. As rich scent of linden trees permeates through it, Vrdnik is listed as the youngest climatic health resort.

Culture and History

There are a big number of culturally and historically important monuments in the spa’s area.

The most significant is the Vrdnik Monastery, also known as Ravanica since monks from the original Ravanica monastery were situated there in 1697.

Tower of Vrdnik represents a fortification built by the Romans as a watchtower. Its purpose was to be a defense post of Sirmium, the then-seat of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus.

Vrdnik Spa

Vrdnik spa is located in incredible natural surroundings. It is enclosed by gentle stream valleys, and by flourishing woods with plenty of foliage varieties.

Owing to such environment, the spa is suitable for recreational activities, vacation, medical treatments, as well as for tourism, since there are many cultural and historical monuments located nearby. The spa offers indoor and outdoor pools, and saunas which are great for relaxation and recreation of all guests who come here for treatments, or for vacation and enjoyment of the surroundings.


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