Popov Čot Road Challange ’22

SUBOTA 21.05 – 15:00h

Popov Čot Road Challenge – supported by the Tour De Fun.
With an idea to gather all road bike enthusiasts, we have prepared for you a promotional road ride. It may not be lengthy, but it is enriched by an elevation of 900 meters, which you will get a chance to experience in the 48 kilometers of this route. It is a very dynamic route which uses side roads not packed with traffic and goes through picturesque villages on the slopes of Fruške Gora. This isn’t a race and it won’t be timed, but we still have a challenge prepared for all road riders. The last kilometer on the incline to the Fruška Gora ridge is a macadam road, or now globally popular gravel. You will be served refreshments at the top near Popov Čot, and from there we will continue along the beautiful and meandering ridge. Once we reach Zmajevac scenic viewpoint, we will turn right and return to Vrdnik spa. After the ride is done, we can watch the finals of the exciting Eliminator race with some refreshments.

DOWNLOAD Rules & Regulations.

Length Incline Min Max
48km 900m 1:00h 5:00h