TDF – Invictus Trail Race ’22

SATURDAY, MAY 21st – 11:00h

A trail intended for beginners eager to take on a big challenge. The route is short, but with plenty of inclines, and in some places it is extremely steep. With a good pace, even a beginner can overcome it without any major issues. It also includes several long downslopes, which are a true pleasure to perform. The route follows the edge of the woods to the Fruške Terme hotel, goes through the Tower of Vrdnik ethno complex and then further next to the tower itself, leading upwards to Zmajevac. From there, it descends almost all the way to Vrdnik, and then redirects back to Grebenski put. It then descends along the new trail to the Old Colony in Vrdnik, and from there it ascends by the Termal hotel and into the pine grove. Then it arrives at the motocross track, and from there it goes across a stream and ascends over the finish line.

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Dužina Penjanja Min Max
15km 750m 0:50h 3:00h